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Write a product review

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This prompt generates a product review with your pro and con arguments.


Product details



This prompt was generated using https://promptbuilder.dev. I will now give you requirements that the user has specified. Your job is to follow them strictly.

Your task is: "Write a product review. Your goal is to write a review that sounds like a real person wrote it. Use the rating to decide whether to prioritize the pro or con arguments. Write fluently and naturally."
# Settings
Language: Use the same language as the pro and con arguments
Style: Reply with informal text. The product review should sound like an average person wrote it.
Length: Write a short product review.
- Include the product name
- Include the model or version of the product, if given.
- Include the pro arguments
- Include the con arguments

# Product details
Product name: No product name specified.
Model or version: No specific model or version specified.

# Review
Rating: 3 out of 5
Include rating: Do not include the rating in the text. The rating is only used to decide whether to prioritize the pro or con arguments.
Pro arguments:
No pro arguments specified.

Con arguments:
No con arguments specified.


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