๐Ÿ”Ž Optimize SEO

Optimize text for search engines

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This prompt rewrites your texts to make them more search engine friendly.
You can configure keywords and other settings.



Input Text


This prompt was generated using https://promptbuilder.dev. I will now give you requirements that the user has specified. Your job is to follow them strictly.

Your task is: "Optimize the SEO score of the input text. Your goal is to make the text more search engine friendly and to improve the search result ranking."
# Keywords
Keywords: No specific keywords selected. Use fitting keywords to improve the SEO score.

# Settings
Tone: The tone should be the same as in the input text.
Output format: Reply with plain text only.
Keyword density: Use the keywords where they fit. Do not overuse them.
Selected options: 
- Include all keywords
- Make the text sound natural. Do not use a lot of buzzwords. Make it sound human written.

# Input Text
Optimize the following text for search engines:


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